Column Cover Systems

Sure-Panel™ column covers and beam wraps are an economical and artistic way to cover structural supports. They can be fabricated into round, square and rectangular shapes with accenting capitals, bases, rings and reveals. The material can be perforated for internal lighting designs and the color choices are nearly endless.


  • All ACM, Plate and Square Phenolic
  • 8” Minimum diameter
  • 16’ Maximum length

Sure-Panel™ Caulk Joint

Caulk joint systems take advantage of mounting clips mechanically fastened to rout and return column legs. Clips are then hard fastened to underlying structures for the most solid installation possible. Joints are sealed with foam backer rod and silicone-based caulk for fastener masking and outstanding weather protection.

Sure-Panel™ Reveal Joint

Dry-Joint Channel System uses clips that are mechanically fastened to the panels and the underlying substructure. With no exposed rough edges, fasteners, adhesives or caulk, this system uses a “C” Channel insert for the vertical reveal to create a perfectly clean appearance.


Sure-Panel™ Hairline Joint

Rough edges, fasteners, adhesives and caulk are all veiled with the utilization of an internal key-slot system. Installed column covers have a subtle hairline joint producing a clean finished look.

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