The United States Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)
the program determines the standards for what is considered “Green Building”. The program is
based on nationally accepted energy and environmental efficiency and consumption standards.

What is LEED certification?
To earn LEED certification, a building must meet certain environmental requirements and
performance benchmarks. These benchmarks are measured during both construction and
post-construction phases. Projects can be awarded one of the following certifications
according to the LEED 2009 V3 standards.

Certified………….40 points

Silver……………..50 points

Gold………………60 points

Platinum…………80 points

How can CNC Metalcraft help with LEED certification?

Materials and Resources

MR Credit 2: Construction Waste Management – 1 to 2 points
The intent of MR Credit 2 is to divert construction debris from disposal in landfills by recycling resources back into the manufacturing process. The goal of this credit is to recycle, salvage or reuse at least 50% (for 1 point) or 75% (for 2 points) of the construction or demolition debris.

Our products are shipped to the customer or jobsites in clean wooden crates or pallets. Creates or pallets can be recycled or reused.

MR Credit 3: Material Reuse – 1 to 2 points
The intent of MR Credit 3 is to reuse building materials in order to reduce waste. Salvaged materials should constitute a minumum of 5% (for 1 point) or 10% (for 2 points) based on the cost of the total value of the materials used on the project.

Metal materials such as solid metal plates, flat stock sheet metal and sun screen systems can be easily reused or re-fabricated for new construction.

MR Credit 4: Recycled Content – 1 to 2 points
The intent of MR Credit 4 is to increase the demand and use of building products that incorporate recycled content. Recycled materials should constitute a minimum of 10% (for 1 point) or 20% (for 2 points) based on the total value of the materials used on the project.

Our products are fabricated out of sheet metal, extuded metal and composite metal materials. Depending on the specific material and brand chosen, our products range from 30% to 90% recycled content by weight.

MR Credit 5: Regional Materials – 1 to 2 points
The intent of MR Credit 5 is provide for support of locally and domestically sourced materials and fabrication. The points awarded depends upon the location of the project.

All of our products are fabricated in Hopkins, MN and all of our materials are manufactured in the USA.

Energy and Atmosphere

EA Credit 1: Optimize Energy Performance – 1 to 19 points

The intent of EA Credit 1 is to achieve higher levels of energy performance and efficiency throughout the entire building to reduce it’s energy consumption. In order to comply with this credit and achieve the maximum number of points, the building must show a percentage increase in energy savings per ASHREA/ESNA.

The use of our sunscreen and insulated panel products and can significantly add to a buildings overall performance and energy savings.

Innovation in Design

ID Credit 1: Innovation in Design – 1 to 5 points

The intent of ID Credit 1 is to provide design teams with the opportunity to achieve exceptional performance above the requirements set by the LEED rating system. One point is earned per innovation with a maximum of five points.

Our products provide for limitless design creativity, if you can dream it, we can fabricate it.

Indoor Environmetal Quality

EQ Credit 4: Low Emitting Materials – 1 to 2 points

The intent of EQ Credit 4 is to reduce the quantity of indoor air contaminants that are odorous, irritating and/or harmful to the comfort and wellbeing of the installers and occupants. One point is earned for the use of low emitting adhesives and sealants and one point is earned for low emitting paints and coatings.

Depending upon the product selected, our fabrication techiques that can eliminate the use of adhesives and sealants. If adhesives are required, we can utilize low VOC products which will meet or exceed Air Quality Management guidelines.

EQ Credit 8: Daylight and Views – 1 to 2 points
The intent of EQ Credit 8 is to provide ambient daylight to create a connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

Our suncreen products allow for active outdoor lighting with passive radiant heat and light intensity reduction.

More information on the LEED green building initiative can be found at www.usgbc.org.