Custom Metal Fabrication

Our custom metal fabrication capabilities allow for a complete array of traditional sheet metal
fabrication using a state-of-art manufacturing facility and CNC-controlled equipment.  We
provide most types of shearing, bending, cutting, notching, rolling, punching and welding
services to support our customer’s construction project needs.

Why Use Custom Fabrication Services for your Next Project?
Let us become your “one stop shop” for all metal product needs. Save time dealing with
a single supplier. Save money with our high-efficiency operation and combined
transportation costs.

Supplemental Building Components
• Copings
• Covers
• Cladding
• Facades
• Facias
• Soffits
• Parapets
• Scuppers
• Subgirts

Custom Fabrication Services
• Breaking materials up to 16 feet
• Shearing materials up to 16 feet
• Rolling materials up to 16 feet
• High-speed punching, notching and milling
• Aluminum, iron and steel welding