Sure-Panel™ Architectural Wall Panel Systems

Sure-Panel™ designs are the culmination of several decades of
engineering analysis, architectural artistry and hands-on metal
fabrication. It is a revolutionary building component recognized
as a breakthrough in architectural wall-panel production.

Since its launch, Sure-Panel™ has gained a stellar reputation. Not only do the panels look incredible, they also perform beyond expectations in most environmental conditions. Satisfied customers and millions of installed square feet of Sure-Panel™ are proof it should be your wall panel of choice as well.

Tile Panel System
Get a fresh new look with a lower budget. Tile panels are fabricated out of simple sheet metal made with interlocking hemmed edges, producing a somewhat rustic-appearing wall surface.

Wet Seal System
This system provides the ultimate in water and weather protection. Rout-and-Return panels are fabricated on high-precision CNC routers to produce a very refined product out of almost any metal composite or solid sheet metal material. The panel seams are sealed with a silicone-based caulk.

Rainscreen System
Get a crisp, clean look and low maintenance costs with the Rainscreen System. Rainscreen panels are Rout-and-Return fabricated panels installed with a proprietary aluminum extrusion, producing a very sophisticated and clean appearance with no caulking or fastener exposure.

Glazing Panel System
Precision fabrication allows any panel type to be installed just like a piece of glass. With the Glazing Panel System, you can incorporate the beauty of metal with the functionality of glass.

Laminated Panel System
Enjoy the look and feel of metal while keeping a high degree of thermal and sound insulation. Most sheet metal materials can be laminated to a variety of core substrates of varying thickness to produce the insulating factor you need.

Column Cover System
This system allows you to cover concrete, steel, wood or other structural supports with a durable metal cover. Column covers and beam wraps can be fabricated out of composite or solid metal materials and shaped into round, oval, square and rectangular perimeters.

Sure-Panel™ Architectural Wall Panel Systems are one of many metal products we manufacture for the building and construction industry.  Check out our other metal products including:

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