Why use sunscreens for your next project?

Metal sunscreens are a passive architectural feature that deflect
light and UV heat rays, filtering up to 92% of daytime heat and
glare. This reduces the building’s cooling load while maintaining
ambient light and eliminating the need for window treatments
like blinds, tints or curtains. Talk about going green! Sunscreens
provide a stylish accent to new and retrofit buildings. As always,
the design options and color choices are nearly endless.

Project Features:
• Available in a vast collection of custom colors
• Wide choice of standard shapes, sizes, gauges and
• Precision fabrication to meet exacting standards

• Aluminum extrusion

• Airfoil – 3”, 4”, 6”, 7” and 9.5” blade widths
• Tube – 1” to 8” diameter blades in 1” increments
• Square – 1”x1” to 8”x8” blades in 1” increments
• Rectangular – 1.75”x4”, 1”x6”, 2”x6” and 2”x8” blade dimensions
• Flat Bar – 1” to 8” blades in 1” increments
• Angled – 2” to 6” blade heights in 1” increments


Airfoil-shaped aluminum extrusion creates a sleek aerospace-like appearance. The blades are angled to block a large portion of the sun’s light and heat rays.


Square or rectangular aluminum extrusion creates a structure that appears dominant. This design provides the best light and heat blocking in situations where the sun is never directly overhead.


Round aluminum extrusion creates a smooth flowing or rolling appearance. We can change the tube spacing to control the amount of light and heat passing through the system.


Solid aluminum blades create a simple slatted appearance that provide a very high degree of light and heat blockage.

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Sunscreens or sunshades are typically comprised of four main components: blades, fascia, outriggers and mounting brackets. We have a large selection of pre-engineered shapes, sizes, gauges and profiles, with most components made out of aluminum. If a unique application is required, we can develop custom-engineered systems. Our sunscreen systems can be fully welded or assembled with mechanical fasteners.