Why use column covers for your next project?

Metal column covers and beam wraps are an economical and
artistic way to cover structural supports. They can be fabricated
into round, oval, square and rectangular shapes with accenting
crowns, bases, rings and reveals. The material can be perforated
for internal lighting designs and the color choices are nearly endless.

Metal Column Cover Project Features:
• Available in a wide variety of standard colors and finishes
• Available in a vast collection of custom colors
• Precision fabrication to meet exacting tolerances
• Rout-and-Return fabrication
• Wide variety of perimeter shapes
• Can be accented by crowns, bases, rings and reveals
• Perforated materials can be created into lighting features

• All ACM and MCM composites
• All solid sheet metals

• 8” minimum diameter
• 16’ maximum length per segment

Sure-Panel™ CC/CA

System uses Rout-and-Return fabrication methods with mechanically fastened clips that attach the column cover or beam wrap to the underlying substructure. The joints are sealed using a backer rod and silicone-based caulk for outstanding water and weather protection.

Sure-Panel™ CC/CL

Dry-Joint Channel System uses clips that are mechanically fastened to the panels and the underlying substructure for a perfectly clean appearance, with no exposed rough edges, fasteners, adhesives or caulk.

Sure-Panel™ CC/HL

System uses a key-slot system, rather than fasteners, so column seams become simple hairline joints. This system also produces a perfectly clean appearance, with no exposed rough edges, fasteners, adhesives or caulk.

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