Why use accents or canopies for your next project?

Metal architectural accents and canopies are great ways to put
the “wow” factor into your building project. From simple
geometric design constructs to art pieces and nearly endless
color choices, accents are an economical way to add your
creative touch. Canopies not only add occupant-friendly
features, they can become the centerpiece of the building. 

Architectural Features:
• Accents and artwork
• Canopies
• Covered walkways
• Overhangs
• Planter boxes
• Lighting accents
• Perforated panels

Architectural Accents and Canopies are one of many metal products we manufacture for the building and construction industry.  Check out our other metal products including:

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Many construction projects call for some type of architectural accent or canopy. We fabricate these designs using ACM, MCM and various sheet metals. Our state-of-art manufacturing techniques allow us to precision-cut endless curved profiles, so you don’t have to cut these features in the field. If you can imagine it, we can make it!